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Benbrook Stables - Fort Worth's Favorite Party Venue

Benbrook Stables is the premier equestrian center in Ft. Worth, Texas. We specialize in creating memorable events for all occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, pony parties, fundraisers, corporate parties, corporate team building, company parties, holiday parties, and more.


Benbrook Stables two venues are two of Ft. Worth's favorite party venues, The Little Cantina and The Large Pavilion, are available to book year round. They are perfect for any type of event, large or small. We offer flexible times and customizable packages, as well as the option to create your own unique packages. Our experienced staff can do all the planning for you for an effortless event, or if you are a DIY'er, you can do it yourself without any hidden costs.

We have been voted the best kids' party and best Venue by Ft. Worth readers year after year. Come experience the Benbrook Stables difference today!

With two venues to choose from, you can plan an intimate birthday, baby shower or wedding. Throw that big bash for a sweet sixteen or the perfect fiftieth. We can accommodate parties of any size ranging from just a few guests to a fundraiser for hundreds of people.

Ft. Worth's best event venue
Voted Fort Worth's Best Event Venue

Benbrook Stables parties are the perfect combination of fun activities for kids and the ultimate adult party. Parties are always better under thousands of twinkling lights and a gorgeous Texas sky. You pick the party and we make it happen. Kids and adults alike will get to know our fantastic horses, our beautiful ranch, and our friendly staff.



Our smaller venue, "The Little Cantina", is the ideal size for approximately thirty-five guests. You can host the perfect birthday where they will have the time of their life riding horses and petting ponies, and you can enjoy the day without a lot of effort.

This venue is attached to the side of our little barn. It is decorated with boots, bridles, saddles, and hay bales. It has four picnic tables, a cake table, and an extra bench for sitting or holding presents. It is a fun, rustic retreat to enjoy the cake, play pin the tail on the donkey, and open presents.

If you want to have an intimate baby shower or your companies team building, we can host either and make it the party they will talk about all year long.

Our pre-set packages make planning a breeze. They include venue rental, horse rides, mini ponies for petting, hayrides, and a whole lot of fun for kids and parents. If you need help at any stage of planning, our party planners are here to help. We can customize the day to fit your exact wants and needs. Your party can be a complete do-it-yourself event, or you can leave it all to us and we will create the perfect memorable party for you. Team building activities, anniversaries, corporate retreats, Christmas parties, holiday parties and showers and weddings are all what we do best.

Our parties are totally fun for kids and easy to plan for parents! Pre-Set packages that include horse rides, petting zoos and hayrides. Or customize your party to your wants and needs. We guarantee it will be a party they'll never forget.

We can provide catering, bonfires, games, bounce houses, tables, chairs, tablecloths, food trucks, petting zoos, and anything else you can imagine.

Little Cantina Packages

Pick from one of our packages or you are welcome to build your own.

You can find a full price list at

Package I -- $395 (Savings of $40) Up to 35 Guests 2 1/2 hours, 2 Horses for one hour, 1 miniature pony for petting, and a Hayride Package 2 -- $495 (Savings of $80) Up to 35 Guests 3 1/2 hours, 3 Horses for one hour, 1 miniature pony for petting, and a Hayride

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Our larger venue, "The Large Pavilion" can adapt from a small intimate gathering of friends and family sharing a birthday party, or a catered dinner, to a memorable outdoor evening under the stars and hundreds of twinkling lights, for hundreds of guests. It is a beautiful setting to make a romantic evening for weddings or wedding showers or turn up the volume and throw the biggest fiftieth party they will never forget.

We understand that everyone has their own style, budget, and vision of their perfect wedding or party. Whether that vision is rustic, chic, or metropolitan, we can make it a reality. The large Pavilion is a blank canvas and can be turned into whatever you can imagine with ease. Benbrook Stables will provide all of the event essentials for your special day. With packages that include tables, chairs, tablecloths, setup, take down, etc. You can then choose from other options, extras, or add-ons to fit your unique style.

We give you the flexibility and tools to make the party of your dreams a reality. You are also welcome to bring the vendors of your choice, including your caterer. This allows you to have the event of your dreams and stay within your budget.

If you are looking for horses and an event with that western flare, no one does it better. The horses can be added to your event or simply used as a gorgeous backdrop for that perfect photo. They add that special touch to every party. Even though we are a working horse ranch, we are not just a ranch party venue. We can transform the venue into anything you can dream up. If you need assistance selecting your vendors, we are available to help you as little or as much as you would like. We have a full staff of planners and day of coordinators that are here and ready to help plan your entire event or be there the day of, to make sure your day goes off without a hitch

They are happy to provide you with trusted vendor recommendations that match your tastes and budget or help with the entire planning process from beginning to end.


Pick from one of our packages or you are welcome to build your own.

You can find a full price list at

Package 1 -- $1,375 (Savings of $250)

Up to 75 Guests

3 hours, Tables and Chairs, Set-Up & Clean-Up

Package 2 -- $1,555 (Savings of $250)

Up to 75 Guests

3 1/2 hours, Tables and Chairs, Two Drink Troughs, Game Section, Hayride, Set-Up & Clean-Up

Package 3 -- $1,980 (Savings of $250)

Up to 125 Guests

4 hours, Tables and Chairs, Two Drink Troughs, Game Section, Hayride, Set-Up & Clean-Up

Our staff will work with you from beginning to end to ensure your party is special, unique, and one they will remember for a lifetime.

We can accommodate parties of any size ranging from just a few intimate guests to a fundraiser for hundreds of people. Kids and parents alike will get to know our fantastic horses, our beautiful ranch, and our friendly staff.

Our horses stand out among the best horses in the country. They are specially picked for kids and beginner riders. They are well trained, calm, gentile, and used to people with little to no experience.

Birthday parties and events are a fantastic way to introduce your kids to the amazing world of horses, have fun riding with friends and family, and create those special memories.


Benbrook Stables corporate parties are all about fun. Always a total crowd-pleaser! Our office parties and corporate events are easy to plan and completely stress-free. Our event planners take care of every detail and are with you every step of the way.

What is a corporate event and why you should host one. Hosting an event might feel like such a waste of time and resources, especially when operating within thin budgets. whether hosting a big or small event, shared experiences with your clients, employees, and other industry players are bound to bring several benefits to your business. There are many compelling reasons to consider hosting a corporate event. Whether you're looking to strengthen relationships, build brand awareness, improve employee morale or showcase your organization, a well-executed event can deliver significant benefits for your organization.

You can attract attention from industry leaders, media outlets, and potential customers. Building brand awareness can increase your revenue by expanding your client outreach.

Two reasons why you should plan your next even or your very first company event, party or team building day at Benbrook Stables.

Networking Opportunity:

Business thrive on networking, corporate events can also be an effective way to build brand awareness and promote your organization to a wider audience. Moreover, one of the major reasons why people attend events is to meet and interact with like-minded people. Hosting an event for your business can be a great way to bring your industry’s key players together.

Creating a Community- Create a laid back atmosphere where employees are more likely to network, get to know each other and bring a relaxed and fun working environment back to the office.

A few seasonal ideas for a great Company party at Benbrook Stables

Winter Wonderland Company Parties at Benbrook Stables

Why it works: For holiday parties and company team building events, it’s important to be inclusive ” but that can make it a little tricky to choose a theme. Something that highlights the season is simple but effective.

Plus, guests always enjoy dressing up for the season, so you probably don’t need to set a concrete dress code to get everyone to show up in their holiday best. Just get the word out that things will be a little more on the formal end.

Food: For a more formal event, go with traditional plated options such as tenderloin, chicken, salmon, or grilled portabella mushrooms for a vegetarian option.

Beverages: To play off the season’s flavors, serve hot toddies, cranberry-infused martinis, red wine, and dark winter beers.

Activities: Since it’s the end of the year, this is the perfect time to share company holiday video and recap of the year’s wins. After that, a little music and dancing can’t hurt!

Decor: The decor options are endless: The Pavilion at Benbrook Stables is a blank slate where you can create the party of your employees dreams. We like the idea of sparkling jewel tones or a white-on-white color palette. Winter classics like poinsettia plants, fireplaces, and cozy blankets will add to the atmosphere. And let’s face it ” you should probably include a snowflake or two. The big fireplace in the pavilion tops off the party, making it cozy and the perfect atmosphere for your annual Christmas or New Years Eve Party.

Classic BBQ Corporate Parties and Team Building at Benbrook Stables

Why it works: Outside of the office, everyone can be comfortable in their casual summertime apparel, so it’s a little less formal. That creates a laid-back atmosphere where employees are more likely to let their guard down, shoot the breeze with one another, and network across the company. It’s one of those corporate event themes that doesn’t end up feeling so corporate.

Setting: A park setting by a lake is the perfect location, plus it’s usually a free or low-cost option.

Decor: Go for big white tents, picnic tables covered in plaid tablecloths, checkered blankets, and balloons. And if you want to go really big with your decor, try

Food: Don’t overthink it: Serve burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob ” you get the idea.

Beverages: On a hot summer day, you can keep it simple with cold beer and lemonade. For something a bit fancier, mix up a cold cocktail like mint juleps.

Activities: Set up simple outdoor games such as croquet, badminton, or corn-hole. You can even do company Olympics by having team compete in traditional field-day games like dodgeball or relay races.

Spring Has Sprung Parties at Benbrook Stables

The weather is great for an outdoor party or team building experience with super fun activities like horseback riding, volley ball, mechanical bull riding, corn hole and more.

Why it works: What’s a better way to celebrate closing out Q1 than by “springing” into Q2? After all, you’re off to a fresh start and nothing says fresh like the spring season. “Spring” is a great theme on its own, but if for a more niche theme, check out these

Food: Spring has no shortage of in-season vegetables, so plan on special salads, veggie-packed hoers d’oeuvres, and pasta primavera.

Beverages: Keep things light and fresh! We’re thinking white wine, Moscow mules, and lemonade.

Activities: If you’ll be outdoors, take advantage! Plan a picnic, bean bag toss, bocce ball, group hike, or other patio-friendly games.

Decor: Whatever you do, decorate with bright green topiaries, lots of beautiful flowers, and plenty of pastels. The theme is pretty versatile, so feel free to set a dress code as you see fit.

Setting: Either of our two venues provide the perfect outdoor space