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Fort Worth's Best Horse Boarding Facility

What to expect when boarding my horse at Benbrook Stables?

Benbrook Stables has been boarding horses since 1957. Voted Best Boarding facility in Fort Worth year after year. We love and care for each of our boarded horses as if they were our own. We provide individualized care for each of our boarded horses and can feed according to your horse's dietary needs. If your horse needs supplements, senior, high protein, cubes, pellets, or just alfalfa, our barn manager will provide the care your horse needs and want. You can feel confident our experienced staff will take care of your horse the way you would if you were doing it yourself. We are here because of our passion for horses and the horse industry. We are lifelong horse lovers and have the knowledge it takes to give the very best care available.

Benbrook Stables is one of the finest horse boarding facilities in North Texas. When you select our full care option, we feed only the highest quality grains and hays. Our grain is comprised of whole oats, barley, corn, and oil. It is 9% protein, 6% fat, and 6% fiber. It is all-natural with no by-products or processed by-products. Our hay is the highest quality coastal from irrigated fields right here in Texas. We feed two times a day with turnout between feedings. Your horse will have access to free-range coastal round bales for 75% of the day. We do close the gate to the hay pasture at night. Some of our guys overindulge and gain a little more weight than the owners like.

We have compiled a list of questions about Benbrook Stables, what we offer,, and our philosophy of caring for horses. We have also included questions about purchasing horses for beginners. We hope these questions and answers will help you when deciding to board your horse with us.

How much Land does Benbrook Stables have for turnout?

We are on 100 acres of land located at the trailhead of Lake Benbrook's equestrian trails. approximately 90 acres are divided by pipe fencing and slick horse wire fencing to provide multiple safe pastures for turnout and grazing.

Does Benbrook Stables have riding arenas and round pens?

We have two full size arenas for the boarders to use at any time. The larger arena is 350ft x 120ft with a full announcers booth, roping boxes, bucking chutes, return and and holding pens.

Our second arena is just a little smaller and is great to practice on our jumps or run barrels, poles and flags. Both have great dirt and sand mix which make perfect footing for your horse and any discipline. We keep them dragged and ready to ride at all times.

We also have two round pens. Our larger round pen is approximately 65 ft all wooden and a has deep sand. The smaller fence panel round pen is approximately 50ft. and has deep sand like the larger one.

Our facilities include individual stalls with shavings, multiple safe pastures for daily turnout, a 120 x 350 lighted arena, a smaller lighted riding arena, two round pens, and over 30 miles of scenic trails around Lake Benbrook.

The riding trails are maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and are designated horse trails. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.

Throughout the year we host many activities for our boarders, including, playdays, barrel races, group trail rides, campouts, movie nights, volleyball tournaments, softball, and cookouts.

We have been voted the best boarding facility in Texas year after year by various magazines, local readers, and Expertise online.

FULL CARE Allows the boarder to just come out and ride. We provide our grain and hay, twice daily. We turn all horses out onto 25 acres of pasture daily Clean stalls, feed buckets and water buckets daily

Full Care in the barn $ 500 Full Care in the paddock $ 475

Studs, show horses and all others left in at all times are welcome for an additional charge of $50 to any level of care, plus the cost of shavings.

PARTIAL CARE Allows the convenience of full care, with the boarder providing their own grain and hay or just the grain.

Turn horses out onto 25 acres of pasture daily Clean stalls, feed buckets and water buckets daily


Boarder provides the grain only ..............$450

Boarder provides grain and hay ..............$425


Boarder provides grain only...................$ 425

Boarder provides grain and hay............$ 400

Who will be taking care of my horse while boarded at Benbrook Stables? The Staff at Benbrook Stables

Everyone who works at Benbrook Stables has a passion for horses or to learn about horses. We love our boarders and take care of them with love, kindness, and patience We strive to make their life with us as happy as possible. If it is caring for an injury, bathing, blanketing in the winter, catching for the farrier or vet when you can't come out, we are happy to do it all. We will even keep them ridden for you if you can't make it out often enough and do not want to ride a fresh horse. We will completely train for you or just keep them tuned up. We are a full service equestrian center and can provide any service associated with your horse. We will haul long and short distances, coach you on playday and rodeo events, or help you with your young horse. We help with problem horses too. Anything you need for your horse, we are here to help.

Can I leave my trailer if I board my horse at Benbrook Stables?

Yes. We have a designated area for trailers and a private tack locker for each boarder

Where can I ride my horse in Fort Worth?

Do boarders have full access to the property if they have their horses at Benbrook Stables?

Yes. A lot of our boarders show or rodeo and need to haul in after hours, so the gates are not locked at night. We also have many boarders that work during the day and need to come ride in the evenings. Others want to ride later when the weather is cooler ing the Summer or early in the morning before work. We are open year round and boarders have access to their horses twenty-four seven.

Where can I ride my horse if I board at Benbrook Stables

Benbrook Stables is the trail head to over 30 miles of designated horse trails around Lake Benbrook. All you have to do is ride right out our back gate to hit the trails and ride all you like on thousands of acres of Corp. land all the way around the lake. You have scenic views of the lake and Downtown Ft. Worth. You will cross meandering streams, ride through open fields and narrow trails. there are beautiful vistas and of course the gorgeous Texas landscape full of wildlife. We also have two full-size arenas to ride and train that are available at any time.

Is it cheaper to board a horse or keep it at home?

If you have the space and facility to keep your equines at home, it's more cost effective and offers a number of advantages that boarding does not. If you are one of the lucky few, however, who has the option to either board or horse keep yourself, the decision may be difficult.

What is a Coggins test?

A Coggins test is a simple blood test that checks for a serious disease called Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA), which is caused by infected flies.

Depending on where you live, you may be required to prove a horse is free of EIA in order to sell, trade, or transport it.

Currently, there are no cures or vaccines for EIA. Horses that test positive must be put down or quarantined permanently. You should ensure your prospective horse has had a Coggins test prior to purchase.

Do horses prefer to live in or out? “Horses evolved to live in herds in the wild,” they'll say. “They weren't born to be confined in stalls and stables. They're best left out in the open where they can run around, socialize with their herd, and graze and forage in the field.” It's certainly true that horses are happiest when they're free to move. At Benbrook Stables we believe this philosophy fully. We let our boarded guys stay outside as much as possible. They are only kept in their stalls when necessary. When the weather is stormy, extremely cold or muddy. Our studs, of course, are kept in their stalls, however, they too have daily turn out in one of the round pens, or arenas.

Can my family or friends come and ride with me on the trails if I board y horse at Benbrook Stables?

Yes. Benbrook Stables has lesson and trail horses available for rent. If your family, friends, co-workers, or even your sweetheart want to come out and ride with you, they can call for a reservation and get a horse to ride along with you on the trail ride.

Can I take lessons on my horse at Benbrook Stables?

Yes. If you need a little refresher course or if you just got your first horse and you need to know how to catch, halter and ride, our experienced instructors and trainers can help you with anything you need. They can show you all the basics, ground work, arena work and help you with any problems you may be having.

Does Benbrook Stables train horses?

Yes. We have a full staff of experienced trainers to take your horse from beginning to fully trained. We train with patience and kindness. Never rushing young horses or heavy hands on a problem horse. We believe in gaining trust and acceptance over force. we will always take the time needed to get a training horse to know us, trust us and be willing to do what we ask over "breaking". We believe a trusting horse is a life long horse that will get you through any scary situations with confidence.

How much does it cost to own a horse without boarding?

Caring for a horse can cost anywhere between $200 to $325 per month – an annual average of $3,876, according to finance consulting site Money Crashers. Some of these costs include: Grain/feed. Hay.

How much does it cost to feed a horse for a month?

Food. A healthy 1,100-pound horse will eat feed and hay costing from $100 to more than $250 per month on average, although horses let out to graze on grass will eat less hay. The price of hay depends on the type, quantity at time of purchase and time of year.

How long does a 50 lb bag of horse feed last? A 50 lb bag will last approximately 1 week. Feeding 2 Scoops per day for maintenance. A stressed horse or one that needs to gain weight will need more grain until it has shown marked progress and back to a better body condition. An easy keeper, or one that gains weight and keeps their weight easily, will need much less grain and your 50 lb. bag of grain will last much longer. Some grains may weigh a little more or less so this is a rule of thumb and will increase or decrease depending on the needs of our horse.

How many bales of hay will a horse eat a month? A horse can eat anywhere from 15-30 pounds of hay a day, which generally equates to a half of a 45/50-pound square bale of hay per day. Always remember to take into consideration the quality of your hay. Your horses dietary needs can vary at different times of the year, if they have been ill, or if they are a hard or easy keeper. There are many variables when it come to how much hay your individual horse may need at any given time. You just have to be sure you are providing good quality, clean, mold free hay. The type and quality of hay are key to keeping your horse healthy.

How much land do you need for a horse in Texas?

If you are attempting to figure the carrying capacity of land for a horse, then a good rule of thumb is 1-1/2 to 2 acres of open intensely managed land per horse. Two acres, if managed properly, should provide adequate forage in the form of pasture and/or hay ground. But this is highly variable depending on location.