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Spring Riding Lessons are in Full Swing at Benbrook Stables

Benbrook Stables Horseback Riding Lessons are Fun, Informative and a great way to get out, and get riding.

If you are currently riding with us, or would like to begin, make sure to read our 'What to Expect' flyer below.

You will get an idea of what to expect in each of your lessons, and an overview of our policies and curriculum.

To schedule a time to ride, give us a call at 817-249-1001

Hope to see you soon!


Lessons: What to Expect

Our aim is to provide invaluable information for anyone with an equestrian interest. Whether you want to ride for pleasure or competition, are planning to purchase your first horse, want to brush up on forgotten skills, or just love horses and are ready to get started, we have a program for you. Our lessons not only focus on proper riding techniques, but also safety, daily care, grooming, tacking, nutrition and total horsemanship. To help all of our students become accomplished horsemen, we will provide them with as many diverse riding experiences as possible. Therefore, you will enjoy riding one on one with the instructor, as well as with other students. You can also expect lessons to be spent in the arena, some to focus on groundwork, while others will be taught out on the trails.

Lessons: What you can Expect

❖ Grooming and tacking is not a one time lesson. This is an extremely important aspect of learning to ride. You will learn to efficiently tack and untack your own horse in a timely manner.

❖ Your instructor must be confident in your ability to control your horse before advancing to a faster gait. If you cannot turn or control your horse at a walk, you won’t be able to do it at a trot! Don’t worry, if you’re not loping right away, you will be very soon.

❖ You may have any one of our talented instructors on different days. All of our instructors are very knowledgeable, experienced and capable. They all bring different abilities and points of view to each and every lesson. Don’t be afraid to try a new instructor!!

❖ You may or may not have the same horse in every lesson. Different horses will teach you different skills. You will find the type of horse and gait that you are most comfortable with by riding a variety of horses. This will greatly improve your riding ability and give you a greater knowledge of horses in general.

Scheduling and Cancellations:

❖ If you have to cancel a lesson, you must do so 24 hours before your scheduled time. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours prior, will be forfeited.

❖ Lessons are never cancelled due to inclement weather. Groundwork is an important part of learning to ride and will be taught on days when riding is not an option. Rainy day lessons may include: feeding/nutrition, grooming, anatomy, horse health and maintenance, and explanation of various horse disciplines.

❖ Your lesson time will begin on the hour. If you are late for a lesson, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time. You should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for check-in. Lessons are 45 minutes each.

❖ All scheduling must be done through the office, not the instructor.

❖ Our lessons are meant to be fun and informative. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback you feel can help us to improve our lesson program.

❖ Lessons are $50 when purchased individually, $225 for a book of 5 or more and $65 for private

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