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Voted Best Trail Ride in Ft. Worth, Texas

Benbrook Stables is voted the best trail ride in Fort Worth Texas again in 2022.

Fort Worth Texas Magazine and its readers have named Benbrook Stables a "Best Of" as the Editor Pick for Best Horseback Riding 2022!

Every year, Fort Worth Magazine ask their readers to name their favorite places to shop, play, drink, and eat across various categories. The result is a Readers and Editor's Pick of Food & Drink, Nightlife & Entertainment, Shopping & Service, People & Culture, Home & Garden, and Beauty & Wellness.

Benbrook Stables has won this prestigious honor just about every year since 2005. We are happy to be a part of the magazines "Best Of" edition, and are always honored to be recognized.

Our trail ride is a fun adventure where riders get to spread out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Benbrook Lake. Our trail rides take place on the lake trails, where riders can take in the scenic views of Lake Benbrook, see the downtown Fort Worth Skyline, and weave in and out of the natural scenery of the North Texas area. Riders may even catch a glimpse of the local wildlife.

Our trail rides are never a nose to tail ride where one horse is following along behind another, but rather a relaxing and scenic ride where the horses get to spread out and stroll through the natural beauty of the area. Trail rides are personalized to each group, and our guides will make any rider feel comftorable on their horse. Kids and adults alike will be walked through everything they will need to know.

Voted Best: 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Being immersed in the natural beauty of the Fort Worth area from the back of a horse is truly a beautiful and surreal experience. All from a vista which is the turnaround point for our one hour ride. The ride includes an in-depth safety briefing, a friendly guide ready to answer any questions you may have, and friendly horses ready to show you around. Our guides love getting to show off our beautiful horses and share what made them fall in love with riding.

Our Trail horses stand out among of the best trail and lesson horses in the United States and abroad. They are all amazing trail horses, as they are picked especially for beginners and first time riders. They are well trained, easy going, calm, gentle, and have very kind and sweet dispositions. We put a tremendous amount of time and training into making sure our horses are safe for a beginner and fun enough for someone who may have a little more time in the saddle under their belt.

We love all of our horses, and it shows. They have breaks throughout the year and are rotated everyday so that they never get tired of their job. They are bathed, groomed, exercised, and turned out daily to socialize. They are given days and weeks off at a time to relax and recharge so that they all stay healthy and happy. We feed them an all natural healthy diet, complete with top quallity hay and fresh clean water.

These are some of our beautiful trail horses:

Top left: Rocco, Zoe, Blaze, Crockett, Ruby, Scout, Turtle

Bottom Left: Cactus, Bob, Mason, Walt, Chula, Georgia, Ruby, Chigger, Crockett, Rebel, Chappo, Seven, Turtle, Zoe, Scout

Top Right: Rocco, Blaze, Turtle, Crockett, Ruby, Zoe, Scout, Harry

Bottom Right: Rocco, Rebel, Harry, Mason, Ruby, Scout, Turtle, Chula

In addition to taking care of first-time riders on the trails, they carry flags in parades and safely introduce children to riding

Benbrook Stables can make people's dreams of riding again after not being in the saddle for a while come true. Our horses are are equipped to handle everything from a child's dream of their very first lesson, to reminding and experienced rider just why they fell in love with horses in the first place.

A trail ride at Benbrook Stables makes a great date, family time activity, night out, or even a Christmas, anniversary, or birthday present. Our rides accommodate all and allow all riders to fall in love with riding horses.


Take your family, date, company, or a friend on miles of scenic trails around Lake Benbrook. We offer hourly guided trail rides or arena rides, and we can accommodate groups of any size. Our horses are safe and gentle enough for first-time riders and enjoyable for experienced riders. Trails are open 7-days a week from 10 to 4.

  • Reservations are required - All Trails are Guided

  • $70 per hr/ per rider

  • All Trail Rides are Cash Only!

  • We do not accept checks, debit or credit cards for the trail rides.

  • Riders must be at least 8 years old to enjoy the trails

  • No Double Riding

  • Very Strict 225 lb. weight limit


  • Riders must be 8 years of age to ride the trails

  • Riders under 8 years of age can ride on the property with a Lead Line

  • $70 per hour or $40 1/2 hour arena ride /lead line

  • $25 assistants are available for arena rides/lead lines upon request.

Gratuity is always appreciated by your guide, but completely up to you! Unfortunately, No Refunds will be made once the reservation is paid.


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