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Benbrook Stables Riding Academy and Lesson Program

Don't miss out!

The Riding Academy at Benbrook Stables

Fort Worth's Favorite Horse Camp

Benbrook Stables Riding Academy Fort Worth Texas
Trail Rides and Lessons at Benbrook Stables

In our Riding Academy for kids eight years old and older, we focus all of our attention on horses. Students will spend one on one, with their very own horse. We start the day by feeding, grooming, and getting to know your horse. You will learn how to properly tack up, learn basic safety around your horse, basic reining skills, mounting and dismounting, and then head out riding for skill building.

You will learn arena games, and get to experience riding bareback, and in an English saddle. We will cover the fundamentals of horsemanship and everything we can involving horses.

It is a great way to learn all you ever wanted to know about horses in a short amount of time. We feel learning to ride is a whole lot more than just time in the saddle. In our Riding Academy, you will have to put in the time to learn how to care for horses, learn their markings, breeds, barn maintenance, and much more. This is an informative camp for the horse lover.

  • 8:00 am to 11:00 am

  • Ages 8 years old - 16 years old.

  • Three-Day

  • (3 Days) $355 includes a T-shirt and a photo of you on your horse

Dates for the 2023 Riding Academy

April 7-9

June 14-16

June 28-30

July 12-14

July 26 - 28



You decide when and how many lessons are right for you, however, we recommend at least five lessons to gain a basic understanding of beginning horsemanship, or to brush up on your existing skills. purchase your first set of lessons here

Lessons at Benbrook Stables involve total horsemanship, not just riding, so come prepared to learn more. You will not only learn proper riding skills, but you will also learn about feeding, grooming, safety, how to properly care for your own horse, and proper care of tack and equipment. We do not believe in just riding in an arena. We want to expose our students to as many different aspects of riding as possible to give them a well-rounded riding experience.

You will not only enjoy one on one instruction, but you will also get to ride with other like riders in the arenas as well as learn to navigate the thirty miles of trails around Lake Benbrook.

We believe the more you experience on horseback, the better rider you become. Be ready to be exposed to all types of terrain, trails, riding with others, and more.

If you are taking lessons because you are wanting to purchase a horse, and want to learn how to care for him properly, we can definitely show you how. Our lessons are very informative for first-time horse owners or anyone looking to purchase a horse.


Our Instructors are experienced, lifelong riders who can pass their knowledge to young riders, first-time riders of any age, and seniors looking to start riding for the first time. They can also give brush-up lessons to an experienced rider looking to get back in the saddle.

Our Instructors have all grown up with horses and all have years of riding experience. They teach horsemanship skills in a fun and positive atmosphere, where students can learn at their own pace. They learn all about the whole horse, and not just getting on the horse and riding. The Benbrook Stables staff is a great group of equestrians who love to help others learn all they can about horses.


We enjoy watching our students learn about different breeds of horses. It is always good to know which breed of horse is used for different types of activities. For instance, the Quarter horse is well suited for ranchers and the work they have to do. Roping steers, dragging calves in to be branded or doctored, herding cattle, and other ranch jobs are usually done by quarter horses. They are physically suited for this type of work and have the right temperament for the work at hand.

The draft horse is a great horse for pulling heavy wagons or farming, whereas the Thoroughbred is usually a little taller horse with a longer stride and a leaner build. This makes a thoroughbred a great jumper or racehorse.

Another example of how a certain breed works well for a particular activity is the Arabian. Arabians are known to be great endurance horses. They typically have a smaller frame and can carry their riders for long distances without much trouble.

The list could go on and on as to what breed of horse is better suited for certain jobs or activities, but all horses can be great companions, no matter what breed they are.

The Benbrook Stables lesson horse is typically a quarter horse with a great attitude. We pick kind and gentle horses who love their jobs. They are a huge part of our family and the most essential staff member we have.


Students in lessons at Benbrook Stables get to experience fun activities on horseback like barrels, poles, flags, spur, and other playday events. These events help a rider navigate their horse through obstacles and use skills they have learned to compete against other students. These events are timed and the fastest time wins. They can compete for ribbons or trophies, once they have gained the necessary experience to push their horse a little faster and still maintain complete control while maneuvering the courses.


Learning how to properly tack your horse is essential to riding. Knowing your tack, what it is used for, and how to use it, is a fundamental part of riding. Without the skills to detect if your cinch is too loose or too tight, your saddle could slip one way or the other, or you could give your horse a cinch sore and have to stay off your horse while he heals. Knowing all of the parts of your bridle and how they should fit means the difference between a great ride and a ride that went wrong because of a missing or misused piece of tack.


We use colors such as bay, sorrel, Dunn, black and other colors along with white markings to help us identify different horses. If we were to say, "Go get the Dunn horse", or "Go get the brown horse", out of a pasture full of horses, you may stand in the pasture and search for a horse for a very long time. We label distinguishing markings on horses that help us to identify a particular horse. A blaze, a strip, a snip, a sock, a stocking, and a star are just a few. For instance, there could be four or five bay mares in the pasture, but only one bay mare with a blaze, two socks, and a stocking. Knowing how to identify a horse is the only way to tell which one is which.


We teach all students the language of horsemen. for instance what "Take up on your reins" or " Your horse needs to be collected" means, and how they are supposed to be put into practice.

We will teach you what is meant by "Give two flakes of alfalfa to the bay gelding and two flakes of coastal to the grey mare"

Why is knowing the language important? If your instructor tells you to take up on your reins so that the horse can feel when you are asking him to stop and you do not know what your instructor is saying, you may not be able to stop your horse and you could have a wreck. Another reason might be, If you were to give the wrong grain or hay to the wrong horse, you could potentially colic the horse which can be very detrimental to the horse's health.


We like to know our students have a well-rounded education about horses before they are finished with our lesson program. This includes feeding horses properly with the right grain and hay. There are performance feeds with lots of protein to build muscle. There are feeds that are designed to feed young horses and certain feeds for older horses. There are grains and feeds that are just for supplemental purposes as well. Knowing what grain to feed, how much and how often is a very valuable piece of information for anyone looking to purchase their own horse.

Benbrook Stables has been a family-owned and operated equestrian center since 1957. We have taught kids and adults from all walks of life and from all parts of the world to ride and experience the love of horses. We take great pride in being one of the favorite places in Texas to go for a trail ride, take your first lesson or get back into

riding if you have been away from it for a while.

Benbrook Stables is the recipient of numerous "Best of " awards in D Magazine, Fort Worth Texas Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly, The Business Press, Kids Out and About, Fort Worth Child, and many more. We are always very humbled to be readers' choice in these publications and others. We are are always striving and committed to finding new ways to show our students how much riding horses brings to their life. We know it improves our lives in countless ways and we are blessed every day to get to pass that joy along.

We hope you will join us for a lesson, riding academy, camp or trail ride soon!

10001 Benbrook Blvd.,

Fort Worth, TX 76126

Open 7 days a week -- 9 am-5 pm


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