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The Benefits of Horseback Riding

Have you been interesting in horseback riding? Why not right? You get to spend a relaxing hour or two traversing terrain on the back of one of the most beautiful animals in the world. It doesn’t get much better than that right? Well, it does. As it turns out, there are so many exciting benefits to getting in that saddle. Here’s just a few:

The most obvious benefit, or at least here at Benbrook Stables, is that it offers a return to nature. It brings you out into the fresh air. Some of the best ways to experience the terrain are through trail rides(link), which take you down winding wooded paths and through trickling creeks. When the strain of smartphone screens and work deadlines begin to bog you down, trail riding offers a relaxing reminder of how beautiful the world is from the back of a horse.

Now, some of the less obvious benefits of horseback riding may come as a surprise to you. For instance, horseback riding grants the rider confidence. According to Dr. Alison Stout, a certified physiatrist and lifelong horse enthusiast, “When a rider learns how to stay on and also meet goals set by a riding instructor or themselves, those feelings of “I can do this,” really make an impact.”. Even more than this, is the positive emotional state that horseback riding can put you in. According to a BHS Study, horseback riding stimulated mainly positive psychological feelings. In fact, 80% of riders in the study claimed that that riding made them feel “extremely cheerful, relaxed, happy, and active”.

Needless to say, horseback riding provides many advantages. If your interest has been raised, feel free to give us a call to learn how you can get in the saddle here at Benbrook Stables

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