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Camp Safety & Updates

We have come up with new ways to make our upcoming camps enjoyable and safe for our instructors, staff, and campers. Please read the new policies, time changes, and safety practices listed below. 

Sanitization and Safety All of our equipment will be sanitized at the beginning of each day before anyone arrives. We will spray throughout the day, and again at the end of every camp.  We will have plenty of soap and water in the restrooms and at handwashing stations set up between every activity. We will encourage all campers to wash often throughout the day. We will not provide gloves or face masks for your child. If you would like your child to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, or any other form of protection while at camp, please send it with them.  For the protection and safety of all our campers, staff, and family, DO NOT send your child to camp if they have any type of cough, fever, sniffles, stomach ache, or are just not feeling well for any reason. We will send them home. They will not be allowed to return to camp, and you will not be refunded.   Drop Off and Pick Up To minimize the number of people walking around, we ask everyone to stay in their car. When you are dropping off, we will have someone come up to your car and check-in your camper. We will then send them to their camp group. When you come to pick them up, we will call for your camper and they will be brought to your car.  Groups Campers will be placed in a small group on the 1st day of camp. That will be the group that they will stay in for every day they attend camp. If your camper wants to be grouped with a friend, we must know ahead of time, and they must arrive together or be directly behind each other in the car line.  Time Change  Camps will begin each day at 8 am and end at noon.  Camp times have changed from 9 to 1. Snacks and Lunch Please pack a lunch and you can pack snacks that your child may eat at any time during camp if necessary. Send water containers with your child’s name marked clearly. Dates We are drastically limiting the number of kids at each camp. Therefore we are adding additional dates. All added camp dates are attached.  - To make a date change from one camp to the next, email your changes to  - All changes must be complete and approved at least one week prior to any camp date. Registration Registration forms and payment for camp, pictures, t-shirts, and ice cream must be completed one week prior to your camp date. NO Exceptions!  You may pay with cash anytime by stopping in the office.  You may pay with a credit card online. or by using Venmo @molly-4-benbrook  Refunds We will send you a link with a registration form once payment is received. Once you have paid and chosen a camp date, no refunds will be made. Camps are limited to such a small group of kids. We anticipate each day ill fill up very quickly. If for any reason, we cannot hold camp due to Covid-19, you can change your date, use your payment for lessons, trail rides, or parties. We hope all of these changes will allow us to hold camp in a fun, safe, and healthy environment.


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